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In view of the spread of popularity among public masses of cryptocurrency among many users, the question arises: How to maximally simplify the task of successful trading on the stock exchange? And the answer to this question exists, moreover this one, the answer is positive. So, experienced traders successfully use special bots that can greatly simplify the player's activities on the exchange. It is about such a system that we will discuss in our today's article, and also consider in detail all the nuances of using this system. So, it will be about HaasOnline.

The HaasOnline project dates back to the end of 2014, when the developers of the new platform presented bots to the public for automated cryptocurrency collection. Of course, at that time the bots worked with BTC, but the list also included Dogecoin and Litecoin. As the popularity of their project grows, developers regularly introduce new technical solutions. Now, let's take a closer look at how exactly HaasOnline works.

First of all, you need to understand what types of bots the application works with. So, HaasOnline supports trading, arbitration, scripting and customizable bots. Using the application itself, the user will be able to obtain general information about the structure and functioning of bots for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. So, about 50 trade indicators have been introduced into the platform, which will be very useful for experienced players. In general, each bot allows the trader to monitor complete market information and offer the best options for transactions. So, for example, arbitration bots can automatically search for a suitable pair for a profitable transaction. Trading bots make it possible, on the basis of ready-made trading strategies, to analyze the expediency of deciding on certain transactions. Custom and script bots are most likely

Thus, each of the types of bots can work on a pre-programmed algorithm, but the highlight of HaasOnline is that each of these bots can be quite flexibly configured to the requests of a particular user. Perhaps the only and most serious drawback of HaasOnline online in the eyes of a wide audience is that the application is paid, and despite the fact that the platform offers three user packages that differ in different conditions, they are all paid. In addition, you will have to pay for the application services at BTC, which initially implies that you have a certain amount in the cryptocurrency.

Thus, the use of detailed bots, to a high degree, is justified for experienced users, who already have a fairly good theoretical knowledge base about trading strategies on the exchange. Despite the wide functionality and the possibility of flexible settings, which, in general, determines the success of this application, absolutely diametrical opposing reviews of HaasOnline can be found online. In particular, a number of traders complain about the slow work of the application, as well as sometimes encountered technical problems. So, the feasibility of the acquisition of HaasOnline has to be decided by each user individually, but we will briefly take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of this application.


  1. Possibility of flexible settings
  2. Powerful functionality


  1. Paid license
  2. Sometimes unstable work


Being an extremely useful tool that requires a lot of experience and knowledge, experienced traders will appreciate HaasOnline; for newbies, this application is likely to seem overly complex, but beginners, as a rule, do without additional tools. In any case, how justified the purchase of a HaasOnline license is is that each trader will decide on their own, based on their capabilities and trading skills.

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